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Please allow time for shipping of any recently purchased items.  The online store is managed solely by his wife Dorothy Best.  Thank you for your understanding. Her contact is teensertoo@aol.com

Also visit www.jamesbestart.com and www.jamesbestdukesart.com

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NEW POSTER RELEASED!   We just released a new poster at Mayberry Days 2015 featuring Jimmie in some classic photos along with his original poem “Remember me with Laughter”.  The poster is suitable for framing and a heavy cardstock.   Measures 11x17 inches.   Only $10 plus $5 shipping.

Rosco and Flash promotional shot in color  with printed Autograph - $10.00


Get them while they last! They're not just for lining the rabbit's cage anymore!

This "updated" version of the poster used in "One Armed Bandits" is a unique collector's item.

Don't vote for that honest John Ledbetter....buy this poster and show your support

$15.00 plus shipping

You can also order the book by mail:

Send $32.50 to:

James Best Enterprises, Inc
2425 N Center St. #177
Hickory, NC 28601

Please note - overseas orders will require more shipping. If the fees are not auto calculated we will contact you. Thank you!

Color Christmas photo - printed James Best Autograph - Dorothy Best will autograph as well - $10

(LEFT) - BRAND NEW COLOR 8x10 of Rosco writing a ticket!

signature is printed

$10.00 plus shipping