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Hi Steve,

I was just perusing through the obit comments on the James Best web page, and I couldn't help but remember when "Jimmie" aka Rosco came to Chattanooga TN (late 70's or early 80's) as the star attraction for the annual World of Wheels event. I was a rookie cop on 3rd shift for the City of Red Bank then, and we only had one place to eat on the midnight shift - the Orange Hut. Wouldn't you know that "Jimmie" showed up with his entourage about the time we took our "lunch" break one night. Obviously we were all "Rosco" fans back in the day, and immediately struck up a conversation with him. We learned that Jimmie was a collector of police patches, and my buddy, Sgt Larry Taylor immediately ran home, and returned with a couple of Red Bank PD patches which were well received by our new found friend. We thoroughly enjoyed the brief interaction with Sheriff Roscoe, and the encounter was something I will always remember. The purpose of this e-mail is nothing more than reflection, and if you see fit to share with the family - feel free. I can say for me personally, I will always be a James Best fan .... just like the cars of yesteryear, "they don't make 'em like they used to"! 


Steve Kirkpatrick


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