UPDATE SEPT 2007! (From Jason)

Just wanted to give you folks some updated information about Flash and I for the website. She is now three years old, and we have seized over $50,000 in drug related currency, plus numerous automobiles and houses, and we now have over 450 street narcotic finds in over 230 street deployments. FYI, I have sent this page to everyone I know and label it as "the greatest article I have ever seen!" Nice work!

I'm thinking about taking her with me to a Halloween party as Sheriff Rosco and Flash.

Jason Johnson and K-9 Flash

THIS JUST IN! There really is a "Flash P. Coltrane" out there on patrol.

Flash is a 2 year old Australian Shepard/Cattle Dog/German Shepard mix.  She was pet rescued from the Everett, WA Humane Society at 9 months old and trained as a narcotics dog by her handler Jason Johnson. "Flash" is female (just like the real Flash from the TV show) and was trained through a US Border Patrol-based Narcotics K-9 training program.  Flash and Jason are certified as a K-9 narcotics team with the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and the Washington State Police Canine Association.  In the past year Flash and Jason have over 100 street narcotic finds, and have seized over $20,000 in drug money, along with various automobiles and houses.
Flash is obviously named after Rosco's dog from the Dukes of Hazzard.  Being a huge dukes fan his entire life (so far), Jason has watched every episode and recently attended DukesFest in Nashville. Jason always said that if he "was ever lucky enough to get a K-9 partner" - he was going to name it Flash P. Coltrane. Dreams do come true Jason - and keep those Doggie Num-Nums on hand!

Jason Johnson and "Flash P. Coltrane" have seized over $20,000 in drug money, numerous automobiles and houses - with over 100 street narcotics finds!


Hard at work! This Flash doesn't hang out behind Billboard Signs with his owner like the original - she is seen here hard at work looking for drugs (or moonshine, possibly)